Web Marco Server runs as a headless browser on the cloud. To end users, it is like a normal browser but you don't visualize the webpages directly. Yor macro can run in the macro server very efficiently and perform your recorded tasks. Comparing to running macros manually on your mobile or pc, the server is more efficient and reliable. The average power cost would be less as well. Once you have recorded and tested the macro, you can publish the macro to macro server seamlessly. You can further manage and monitor server macros in our web portal.

Web Macro Portal serves a bridge between mobile app and macro server. You can save your macros into your account and access them from different devices. Macro users can join our community of sharing and exchange public macros via macro gallery portal. The Portal also has facilities to adjust and run macros as an alternative to mobile app.


  • Website and webpage automation exist for a very long time. There are a number of ways to achieve humanly browser operations. These automation methods have be widely used in web development and testing. For example, search engine performs automatic website crawling to fetch latest page content.

  • There are a few limitations of existing tool sets for non-technical users to do day to day tasks. Most tools are based on desktop browsers, you have to create tasks scripts. The user interface is complicated and usually designed for bigger screen, you need good understanding for traditional software process and concept. The costing structure of these platform is dated, they require fair bit upfront payment. Mobile device support is minimal due to browser plugins are not supported on mobile platforms.

  • Keeping these in mind, our innovative solution is designed from scratch. Before implementing Web Macro apps, our team has been doing cross platform mobile development since 2012. We started doing webview based apps in Android, then got into iOS and Windows Phone. Recent popularity and growth of Xamarin developments further improved our confidence in the solution. We have consolidated and tested various popular mobile browsers behaviors. Utilizing the latest technology and solid code architecture, we are rapidly delivering new features to our apps and websites. Please stay tuned for more exciting functionalities.

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